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Las Positas College

HyFlex Learning

Las Positas College offers classes in the HyFlex modality. The term "HyFlex" combines the words "hybrid" and "flexible", meaning that the classes are offered online and on campus (hybrid), but they give you the choice of how you want to attend (flexible).

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Definition of HyFlex

Here is the official definition of HyFlex at LPC:

A HyFlex (Hybrid Flexible) course allows students the choice of attending class on campus or online. Online modalities may include synchronous online, and/or asynchronous online instruction.

While HyFlex classes give students the option of participating on campus, live online, or asynchronously online, not all HyFlex instructors offer all three participation choices. Here are the choices they can offer:

  1. Students either come to class on campus or participate in class live online.
  2. Students either come to class on campus or participate asynchronously online.
  3. Students either come to class on campus or participate in class live online or participate asynchronously online.

Note that instructors can mandate on-campus attendance for major exams.

HyFlex Participation Options

As a HyFlex student, whatever choice you make is not set for the rest of the semester. For example, you can attend a class session on campus one day, then participate live online the next session. It's up to you!

If you need help making that decision, view information to help you decide.

If you want to learn exactly which option(s) your HyFlex instructor offers—aside from coming to class on campus—read the HyFlex Participation Options for summer 2024 and fall 2024.

And as a HyFlex student, no matter how you choose to attend, the learning outcomes for your class will be the same, and you will be able to interact not only with the instructor, but also with all of the other students in the class.

If you are interested in enrolling in a HyFlex class, these classes are denoted in the CLASS-Web Schedule of Classes with an "HFx" for the section number. 

HyFlex class in CLASS-Web schedule

HyFlex Tips

View tips on how to succeed in a HyFlex class.