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Las Positas College

Student Resources

LPC students can get FREE personal counseling services through the counselors in the Counseling Department and therapists in the Student Health & Wellness Center.

Counselors can help with:

  • personal issues and problems that affect school performance
  • providing referrals to on-campus and community resources
  • recommending if ongoing personal counseling is needed, and will provide referrals to the Health Center

You can meet with a counselor in person or online. For more information on meeting with a counselor, visit our Preparing to Meet with a Counselor page.

The Student Health & Wellness Center has several Marriage and Family Therapists (MFT) who can help you with more long-term concerns. Our wonderful MFTs can help you deal with whatever's getting in the way of living your life in the most fulfilling way! Some of the concerns that might bring you to meet with one of our MFTs may include:

  • Relationship conflicts (with partner, parents, instructor, boss, or roommates)
  • Loss (various types)
  • Romantic breakups or disappointments
  • Problems with studying, including time management and procrastination
  • Feeling bad about oneself / low self-esteem
  • Depression or anxiety
  • Women's or men's issues
  • Survival struggles
  • Cultural and ethnic identity
  • Foreign student, acculturation concerns
  • Trauma
  • Body image or problems with food
  • Questions about alcohol and other substances
  • Gay, Lesbian, bisexual, or transgender issues
  • Various adjustment issues

You can schedule an appointment with a therapist here. For more information about our Behavioral Health Services, check out the Student Health & Wellness Center page.

If you are a survivor of sexual assault or trauma, you can also seek on-campus help. Visit the Sexual Assault Resources page on the Student Health & Wellness Center site. A sexual assault, whether by a stranger or an acquaintance, can be very frightening and disorienting. It happens to all people regardless of sexual orientation or sexual identification. If you have been sexually assaulted or raped it is important to remember that it is not your fault and that you have the right to receive assistance from people who will believe you and help you in your recovery. Visit the resources link above to get the help you need.