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Las Positas College

Online Counseling Waiver & Disclaimer

Online Counseling Waiver

Confidential Information

Information about you is confidential. It is important that you supply the most current information about you, your educational history, plans and career goals so that online counselors may provide you with the most accurate information specific to your needs.

Please read the following statements regarding your online information:

  1. Per the Family Rights and Privacy Acts, I hereby grant permission for Las Positas College Online Counselors to release academic information about me.
  2. I am the student who is contacting Online Counseling. I have provided accurate personal information, educational history, and educational goals.
  3. I will keep my information current by updating my Class Web account.
  4. I authorize the Online Counselor to view my academic records.
  5. I authorize the Online Counselor to provide me with information related to my academic records online through the use of the Online Counseling website.

Privacy Protection

Please read the following statements regarding your online information:

  1. I understand that the most important action I can take regarding Online Counseling is to protect my personal information from others.
  2. I have provided an accurate and private email address. I understand that the Online Counselor will email this address.
  3. Using Online Counseling may present a risk to your personal information and Las Positas College cannot be responsible for any harm resulting from this risk.

Student Conduct

Failure to adhere to Online Counseling rules of conduct, etiquette, and guidelines may result in termination of Online Counseling services. Student conduct at Las Positas College must conform to district policy and regulations, and college procedures. Violations to Online Counseling services, for which students are subject to disciplinary action, include but are not limited to the following:

Please read the following statements regarding your online information:

  • Forgery, alteration, or misuse of college documents, records or identification;
  • Tampering with the Online Counseling website, Internet access and software, or misuse of any computer technology;
  • Knowingly furnishing false information to the Online Counseling program;


Please be aware that due to the nature of the technology we are using, there can be no assurance of confidentiality when using this online service. It should also be noted that due to changes in college requirements and policies, all replies are to be used as advisory and informational only and will not constitute an official determination. Information provided by counselors and/or paraprofessional staff is subject to the limitations of current and available material. The final responsibility for successfully achieving an educational goal rests with the student. Information on-line is designed to be helpful; however, this information changes frequently. It is recommended that students consult catalogs, counselors, departments and universities to confirm an educational plan.