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Welding Technology Certificate of Achievement (CA)

About the Program

The Certificate of Achievement in Welding Technology is designed to prepare students for entry level employment in a manufacturing environment. Key outcomes of the certificate include operating safely while performing the welding skills necessary to pass standard industry tests. Students will also learn to use auxiliary equipment, processes and materials. Completion of the certificate will provide the student a strong knowledge foundation to utilize and apply common welding processes.

Career Opportunities

The welding industry offers a wide variety of dynamic and challenging careers. Underwater welders are needed on offshore oil rigs. Welder-operators use automated welding systems to manufacture cars. Structural welders help to construct skyscrapers and bridges. In addition to welders, other professionals such as certified inspectors and engineers rely on welding to do their jobs. Without these professionals, our country would fall apart. The demand for skilled welding professionals is constantly growing. By 2025, our nation’s workforce will need over 400,000 welders to satisfy the demands of several industries.

Program Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the Certificate of Achievement in Welding Technology, students are able to operate safely in a welding workplace environment.
  • Upon completion of the Certificate of Achievement in Welding Technology, students have the skills necessary to pass an American Welding Society standard welding certification test.

Required Core: (17 units)

Course Number Course Title Units
WLDT 55 Print Reading for Industry 2
WLDT 61 Welding Ferrous Metals 3
WLDT 62 Welding Nonferrous Metals 3
WLDT 63 Welding Layout and Fitting 2
WLDT 66 Welding Inspection and Testing 2
WLDT 75 Measurements and Calculations 4
WLDT 73 Welding Workplace Safety 1

LIST A: Select from Below (13 units)

Course Number Course Title Units
WLDT 1 Welding Camp 1
WLDT 61AL SMAW Skills Laboratory 2
WLDT 61BL FCAW Skills Laboratory 2
WLDT 62AL GTAW Skills Laboratory 2
WLDT 62BL GMAW Skills Laboratory 2
WLDT 68 Certification Preparation  2
WLDT 70 Introduction to Welding 2
WLDT 72 Laser Welding and Cutting 2
WLDT 79 Manufacturing Processes  2

Total Units: 30