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Las Positas College is an inclusive, learning-centered, equity-focused environment that offers educational opportunities and support for completion of students' transfer, degree, and career-technical goals while promoting lifelong learning.

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Welding Technology

Welding touches every aspect of our modern life from the shoes we wear to the food we eat. The Welder or Welding Technician is concerned with all of the activities related to the manufacturing, production, performance, and maintenance of welded products. Interest is primarily in the manufactured or fabricated product, including process selection, power sources, base and filler materials, manufacturing methods, hands-on skills training, inspection, quality control, performance evaluation, and equipment service. The broad range of welded products with which welders and welding technicians deal includes structures, such as bridges, buildings, utility equipment, wind turbines, and communication towers; pressure vessels and heat exchangers, such as nuclear systems, boilers, solar thermal systems, oil and natural gas exploration, chemical processing equipment, storage vessels, and transmission and distribution piping; transportation vehicles for water, land, air, and space travel; and production and processing machines of all types.

Completion of the certificate/AS degree requirements prepares students to take certification tests in a workplace environment. Students may begin this program any semester and enter with either Welding Technology 61 or Welding Technology 62 as the starting series, or may choose Welding Technology 70 or Welding Technology 71 as a means to explore the topic on a more superficial approach. This program is designed to teach theoretical concepts in one course and hands-on skills in a companion course. These companion courses must be taken concurrently. While units in the program are transferable to many institutions, students should consult a counselor for specific information.

Programs of Study


Certificates of Achievement:

Career Opportunities

Students will find many career opportunities open to them, such as Welder, Welding Technician, Fabricator, Certified Welding Inspector, Pipewelder, Ironworker, Boilermaker, Steamfi tter, Sheet Metal, as well as Maintenance and Repair occupations.