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Las Positas College

Forensics Team (Talk Hawks)


Welcome to CMST 48: Forensics Activities. In general terms, Forensics is intercollegiate competition in the areas of Public Speaking, Oral Interpretation of Literature, Readers Theatre, and Debate. Forensics has existed at Las Positas College since the college was established in 1975 and has achieved outstanding recognition and support from the campus and the community.

The purpose of this course is to teach you how to communicate more effectively in public, in small groups, and in private. Forensics teaches you more about yourself: what your communicative preferences are, how you handle competition and stress, how you deal with people in a group setting, and how you handle interpersonal differences. Having exposed yourself to dynamic communication settings and ideas, you will better understand your own values, beliefs, and attitudes.

What is Forensics?

Forensics is a class and a team rolled into one. Its emphasis is to give students a learning laboratory where they can develop speeches and performances, deliver them in a competitive yet friendly environment, and receive feedback from qualified experts to improve their abilities. Forensics class-time is used to bond, gain instructional information, and create and perfect Forensics programs for tournaments. The tournaments almost always take place on a college or university campus, and they range in size from about 150 to 800 participants.

From an emotional standpoint, Forensics is a whirlwind experience. It is the inspiration of a brilliant speech, the exhilaration of winning a first place trophy, the depression of not making it into a final round, and the laughter of tired friends on a 4-hour drive home. Forensics is an up-lifting, fulfilling adventure.

If you are interested in joining the nationally award-winning LPC Talk Hawks, please contact a Communication Studies instructor.