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Computational Biology Associate of Arts (AA)

About the Program

Computational Biology uses data analysis, mathematical modeling, and computational simulation techniques to understand complex biological systems. The Computational Biology degree provides coursework designed to train students entering careers that require the interpretation and analysis of large amounts of biological data. The objective of the degree is to acquire skills in computer science, biology and statistics that can be applied to bioinformatics. Career opportunities for students with an Associate of Arts in Computational Biology may include employment with pharmaceutical companies, scientific software companies, academic research and biotechnology companies.Students may also wish to transfer to a university for a BA/BS degree in Computational Biology, Biotechnology, Bioinformatics, or related field. Students transferring to a university are recommended to meet with a counselor and contact their transfer institution as some universities require additional computer science courses.

Career Opportunities

pharmaceutical companies scientific software companies biotechnology companies academic research

Program Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the AA in Computational Biology, students are able to demonstrate an understanding of the fundamental concepts in molecular biology, including DNA, genes, proteins and genomes.
  • Upon completion of the AA in Computational Biology, students are able to explain the use of computational techniques to solve biological problems.
  • Upon completion of the AA in Computational Biology, students are able to use online resources such as NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) and bioinformatics applications to research and analyze biological data.

Learning and Career Pathway Maps

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Required Core: (21 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
BIO 1C Cell and Molecular Biology 5
BIO 2A Bioinformatics 4
CHEM 1A General College Chemistry I 5
CS 7 Introduction to Computer Programming Concepts 3
MATH 40 Statistics and Probability 4

List A: Select One (5 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
BIO 1A General Botany 5
BIO 1B General Zoology 5

Total Units for the Major: 26

Although BIO 30 can be taken as a pre-req for BIO 2A, BIO 1C is required for the Computational Biology degree or certificate.

The Associate Degree is conferred upon those students who complete the required 60 or more semester units of the degree pattern with a grade-point average of 2.0 or better, of which 12 units must be earned at Las Positas College. In addition, students must complete a General Education pattern in order to earn a degree: see the Las Positas College General Education Pattern for Associate of Arts (AA) Degree, California State University General Education-Breadth, or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (for CSU) patterns for listing of areas and courses. Double counting courses in GE and the major is permissible. The number of units that may be double counted will depend on the entry point to the degree program, the optional course(s) taken, and the GE pattern selected. Elective units are degree applicable. Consult with an adviser or a counselor to plan the courses necessary to achieve your academic goal.