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Horticulture Associate of Science (AS)

About the Program

The Associate of Science in Horticulture is designed to prepare students to have a broader education basis and writing ability that can give them an advantage for promotional opportunities in the field of Horticulture.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities for students who complete this program include technical, supervisory and management positions in the fields of: retail, wholesale, and grower nursery management; landscape and irrigation maintenance, installation, and design; and landscape management of gardens, parks, golf courses, and sports fields.

Program Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the AS in Horticulture, students are able to accurately identify a set of plant material; use that plant material in a landscape design; and prepare a maintenance schedule for the chosen plant materials.
  • Upon completion of the AS in Horticulture, students are able to demonstrate an understanding of the principles of ornamental horticulture, landscape maintenance and construction, nursery, greenhouse, and grower operations, and landscape design sufficient to seek employment in a technical or supervisorial horticultural position.
  • Upon completion of the AS in Horticulture, students are able to select plant materials for a given landscape based on water requirements, soil type, pest and disease resistance, growth habits, and design requirements.

Required Core: (25 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
HORT 50 Introduction to Horticulture 3
HORT 51 Fall Plant Material Identification 3
HORT 52 Spring Plant Material Identification 3
HORT 53 Landscape and Vineyard Pest and Disease Management 3
HORT 54 Landscape and Vineyard Soils, Fertilizers, and Irrigation 3
HORT 56 Arboriculture/Urban Forestry 3
HORT 57 Landscape and Turfgrass Management 2
HORT 59 Landscape Design 2
HORT 60 Landscape Irrigation Systems 3

List A: Select Three (6-9 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
HORT 55 Greenhouse, Nursery, and Garden Center Management 3
HORT 58 Landscape Construction 3
HORT 62 California Native and Dry Landscapes 2
HORT 63 Sustainable Landscape 2
HORT 67 Interior Plantscapes 2
HORT 71 Fundamentals of Hydroponics and Aquaponics 2
HORT 73 Computer Aided Design 3

Total Units for the Major: 31 -34

The Associate Degree is conferred upon those students who complete the required 60 or more semester units of the degree pattern with a grade-point average of 2.0 or better, of which 12 units must be earned at Las Positas College. In addition, students must complete a General Education pattern in order to earn a degree: see the Las Positas College General Education Pattern for Associate of Science (AS) Degree, California State University General Education-Breadth, or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (for CSU) patterns for listing of areas and courses. Double counting courses in GE and the major is permissible. The number of units that may be double counted will depend on the entry point to the degree program, the optional course(s) taken, and the GE pattern selected. Elective units are degree applicable. Consult with an adviser or a counselor to plan the courses necessary to achieve your academic goal.