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Fire Officer Leadership and Management Associate of Science (AS)

About the Program

The target audience for our Fire Officer Leadership and Management Degree is working Firefighters who hold Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 certifications and are looking to promote to the rank of Lieutenant/Captain of Fire or above. There are many options to completing this degree which may include: Credit by prior learning, credit by work experience, and credit by examination, in addition attending DE or Face-to-Face classes. Here is a brief overview of our AS-FOLM degree:A Fire Officer is a mid-level supervisor who performs both supervisory and first-line managerial functions who has met all the job performance and certification requirement of Fire Officer I as defined in NFPA 1021, Standard for Fire Officer Professional Qualifications. Additionally, this individual has satisfied all the requirements in the Company Officer Certification Track with State Fire Training. Graduates of LPC FOLM AS Degree should be able to perform the following duties germane to the profession:1. Evaluate member job performance; 2. Prepare a project or divisional budget, news releases, and/or new policy or changes in existing policies; 3. Conduct inspections to identify hazards and address violations, and conduct fire investigations to determine origin and preliminary causes; 4. Supervise multi-unit emergency operations, deploy assigned resources, and develop and conduct post-incident analysis; 5. Review injury, accident, and health exposure reports, identify unsafe work environments or behaviors, and take approved action to prevent their re-occurrence.

Career Opportunities

Company Officer Lieutenant or Captain or Fire Battalion Chief

Program Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the AS in Fire Officer Leadership and Management, students are able to demonstrate interpersonal, communication and conflict resolution skills encountered in Fire and Emergency Services organizations.
  • Upon completion of the AS in Fire Officer Leadership and Management, students are able to Identify and examine current and emerging concepts/practices in Fire and Emergency Services Organizations.
  • Upon completion of the AS in Fire Officer Leadership and Management, students are able to demonstrate foundational administrative, operational and HR responsibilities of a first line supervisor in a Fire and Emergency Services.

Required Core: (20 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
BUSN 87 Organizational Management and Leadership 3
FST 8 Fire Strategy and Tactics 3
FST 20 CO 2A Human Resource Management for Company Officers 2.5
FST 21 CO 2B General Administrative Functions for Company Officers 1.5
FST 22 CO 2C Fire Inspections and Investigation for Company Officers 2.5
FST 23 CO 2D All - Risk Command Operations for Company Officers 2.5
FST 24 CO 2E Wildland Incident Operations for Company Officers 2.5
FST 25 Instructor 1 2.5

Total Units for the Major: 20

The Associate Degree is conferred upon those students who complete the required 60 or more semester units of the degree pattern with a grade-point average of 2.0 or better, of which 12 units must be earned at Las Positas College. In addition, students must complete a General Education pattern in order to earn a degree: see the Las Positas College General Education Pattern for Associate of Science (AS) Degree, California State University General Education-Breadth, or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (for CSU) patterns for listing of areas and courses. Double counting courses in GE and the major is permissible. The number of units that may be double counted will depend on the entry point to the degree program, the optional course(s) taken, and the GE pattern selected. Elective units are degree applicable. Consult with an adviser or a counselor to plan the courses necessary to achieve your academic goal.