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Our Mission

Las Positas College is an inclusive, learning-centered, equity-focused environment that offers educational opportunities and support for completion of students' transfer, degree, and career-technical goals while promoting lifelong learning.

Environmental Studies Associate of Arts (AA)

About the Program

The Associate of Arts in Environmental Studies is a multi-disciplinary program which provides students the academic foundation for understanding the scientific and technological basis of energy technology, as well as the political, social, and economic factors that underlie energy policy choices. This transferable program features a diverse array of classes in the degree pattern from the natural and physical sciences in such associated disciplines as geology, geography, ecology, chemistry, statistics, philosophy, and economics. Students can further expand this foundation by selecting electives from other disciplines such as anthropology and political science.

Career Opportunities

Career opportunities include Environmental Planner, Environmental Consultants, and Greenhouse Gas Emissions Permitting Consultants. Graduates will also have the potential to specialize in related areas such as water, air and forestry resources management, finance, energy and transportation analysis, waste management, low impact construction, and environmental remediation.

Program Outcomes

  • Upon completion of the AA in Environmental Studies, students are able to analyze natural phenomena using fundamental scientific principles in the physical and biological sciences.
  • Upon completion of the AA in Environmental Studies, students are able to conduct a literature search, identify and evaluate legitimate sources, and clearly communicate the results.
  • Upon completion of the AA in Environmental Studies, students are able to construct arguments for environmental policy based on a sociopolitical and scientific understanding of human interactions with the environment.
  • Upon completion of the AA in Environmental Studies, students are able to perform scientific experiments, analyze the data, and evaluate the results.

Required Core: (31 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
BIO 30 Introduction to College Biology 4
BIO 40 Humans and the Environment 3
CHEM 31 Introduction to College Chemistry 4
CHEM 6 Environmental Chemistry 4
ECON 1 Principles of Microeconomics 3
EVST 5 Energy and Sustainability 3
EVST 5L Energy and Sustainability Laboratory 1
GEOG 1 Introduction to Physical Geography 3
GEOL 1 Physical Geology 3
MATH 40 Statistics and Probability 4
PHIL 2 Ethics 3

List A: Select Two (6-8 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
ANTR 1 Biological Anthropology 3
ANTR 2 Introduction to Archaeology 3
ANTR 3 Cultural Anthropology 3
BIO 60 Marine Biology 4
BIO 70 Field Biology 3
GEOG 15 Introduction to GIS 3
GEOL 2 Historical Geology 4
GEOL 5 Environmental Geology: Hazards & Disasters 3
GEOL 7 Environmental Geology: Resources, Use Impact & Pollution 3
GEOL 12 Introduction to Oceanography 3
HUMN 6 Nature and Culture 3
POLI 7 Introduction to American Government 4
POLI 12 Introduction to California State and Local Government 3
SOC 5 Introduction to Global Studies 3
GS 1 Introduction to Global Studies 3
NTRN 1 Introduction to Nutrition Science 3

Total Units for the Major: 37 -39

Additional General Education and Elective Units: 21-23

Total Units: 60

The Associate Degree is conferred upon those students who complete the required 60 or more semester units of the degree pattern with a grade-point average of 2.0 or better, of which 12 units must be earned at Las Positas College. In addition, students must complete a General Education pattern in order to earn a degree: see the Las Positas College General Education Pattern for Associate of Arts (AA) Degree, California State University General Education-Breadth, or the Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (for CSU) patterns for listing of areas and courses. Double counting courses in GE and the major is permissible. The number of units that may be double counted will depend on the entry point to the degree program, the optional course(s) taken, and the GE pattern selected. Elective units are degree applicable. Consult with an adviser or a counselor to plan the courses necessary to achieve your academic goal.