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Data Analytics Certificate of Achievement (CA)

About the Program

The Certificate of Achievement in Data Analytics will provide students with a solid foundation in the fields of data analytics, business intelligence analysis, or data science. The purpose of this certificate is to prepare students for entry-level positions or to help advance into careers in data collection, data processing, data analysis and to provide a foundation for future training in data science and big data analysis. Students will learn how to make business decisions based upon the analysis of large amounts of data. Students will learn about processing, integrating, modeling, mining, and analytics related to Big Data. Students will use frameworks, tools, services, and programming languages to analyze data.Courses will integrate Google Data Analyst Professional Career Certificate content, giving students the ability to achieve an important industry certification.

Career Opportunities

Big data analytics is used by a broad range of industries including banking, communications, healthcare, government and transportation. Career Opportunities include, but are not limited to, Business Intelligence Analysts, Data Analysts, Big Data Technologist.

Required Core: (13 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
CIS 10 Business Data Analytics 3
CIS 11 Data Visualization Tools 3
CIS 54 Excel: Introduction to Spreadsheets 4
CIS 9002 Introduction to Database Management 3

List A: Select One (3 Units)

Course Number Course Title Units
BUSN 55 Business Mathematics 3
CIS 7 Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies 3
CIS 60 Systems Analysis and Design 3
CIS 81B Database Essentials in the Cloud 3
CS 7 Introduction to Computer Programming Concepts 3

Total Units: 16