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Our Mission

Las Positas College is an inclusive, learning-centered, equity-focused environment that offers educational opportunities and support for completion of students' transfer, degree, and career-technical goals while promoting lifelong learning.

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Campus Safety and Security

Campus Safety (Building 1700)

The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District is committed to a safe and secure learning and work environment. The Office of Campus Safety & Security prepares and annually updates a report of all occurrences reported to the Office of Campus Safety & Security and arrests for crimes that are committed on-campus and that involve violence, hate violence, theft or destruction of property, sexual misconduct including sexual harassment, illegal drugs, alcohol intoxication, and all occurrences of noncriminal acts of hate violence reported to campus authorities. Additional information and corresponding reports are found on the College website.

Access To Buildings

During business hours, the College and most campus buildings are open from 7:00 am to 11:00 pm. During non-business hours, access to all College facilities is by key or key card (if issued), or by admittance via the assistance of the Office of Campus Safety. In the case of periods of extended closing, the College will admit only those with prior approval to all facilities. Students and employees are issued identification cards, which they may be asked to produce if there is any question about their authorization to be on College property.

College Property

No College property may be removed from the campus without expressed permission from an administrator. Unauthorized removal of College property from the campus is a violation of the law and may be prosecuted by the College.

Crime Prevention

Crime prevention material is distributed by the Office of Campus Safety and Security to the campus community. The Office of Campus Safety and Security makes inspections of facilities to ensure physical security design, presents programs to reduce risk from criminal acts, reviews plans and new construction additions to facilities to insure against design defects that could contribute to criminal acts, makes preventative patrols of grounds, make necessary arrests and detentions, and interacts with other law enforcement and investigative agencies to accomplish this task.

Drug Free Environment and Prevention Program

LPC strives to maintain a drug-free environment. College district policy states it prohibits “the sale or knowing possession of dangerous drugs, restricted dangerous drugs, alcoholic beverages or narcotics as those terms are used in California statutes except when lawfully prescribed or permitted”. Federal law also prohibits the use, sale, or possession of marijuana. Students may be suspended, expelled, arrested, placed on probation, given a lesser sanction for good cause and in accordance with LPC procedures consistent with due process for violations of the drug and alcohol policy. Students and employees will be informed of the health risks associated with the use of illicit drugs and abuse of alcohol, and will be advised of the availability of drug and alcohol counseling, treatment, and rehabilitation.

Emergency Call Boxes

Emergency call boxes are located in various places on campus, including several parking lots, on the campus perimeter road, and near the Student Services & Administration Building. In the event of an emergency, push the button on the emergency call box and the on-duty campus security officer is notified of your location. The emergency call box has a feature which allows the caller to speak directly to the campus safety officer. Outside the entrance to the Office of Campus Safety and Security there is an emergency auto-dialer. In the case of an emergency and the office is locked, please push the button on the auto-dialer. The auto-dialer will contact the on-duty campus safety officer.

Emergency Notification

The Las Positas College Office of Campus Safety and Security is committed to ensuring that our campus community receives timely, accurate, and useful information in the event of a significant emergency or dangerous situation on campus or in the local area that poses an immediate threat to the health and safety of campus community members. Las Positas College uses the emergency notification system “Everbridge” which is an emergency notification service that proactively contacts students, staff, and faculty at their District assigned e-mail accounts. Everbridge can be used to send emergency messages within minutes of the occurrence of an incident. Messages are sent by multiple methods to contact information listed in the campus directory as well as confidential contact information registered by users. The system can send simultaneous messages to the college community by e-mail message and SMS text. Campus community members can contact the Office of Campus Safety and Security to update or change their contact information and are encouraged to list “SMS Text” as their primary contact method.

Emergency Procedures

Las Positas College Office of Campus Safety and Security personnel are available twenty-four (24) hours a day, seven (7) days per week. Persons are encouraged to report any criminal activity or any other emergency by calling the Office of Campus Safety and Security by calling (925) 424-1699 or visiting the Office of Campus Safety and Security located in Building 1700. If the Office of Campus Safety and Security is closed, the on-duty campus safety officer can be contacted by telephone in the following ways:

  • On-campus telephone, dial extension 1690 (non-emergency)
  • On-campus telephone, dial extension 1699 (emergency)
  • On-campus pay telephone, dial *16 – No coin is needed
  • Off-campus telephone, dial (925) 424-1000 until 9:00 p.m.

Lost and Found

The Office of Campus Safety takes great pride in returning lost and found property to their rightful owners. All property found on campus should be brought to the Office of Campus Safety and Security located in Building 1700 to be recorded. All found property is held and disposed of in the manner prescribed by law.


Parking on-campus is a privilege extended by the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District Board of Trustees to the faculty, staff, students, and guests. To ensure safety and the efficient use of available parking spaces, parking rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees are enforced all year. There are no grace periods or exceptions to the parking rules and regulations without the expressed direction of the College President or designee. Drivers using College parking lots shall comply with the rules and regulations adopted by the Board of Trustees pursuant to California Vehicle Code, Section 21113. Failure to comply with the parking rules and regulations may result in disciplinary action, the issuance of a parking citation, loss of parking privileges, and/or cause the vehicle to be towed at the owner’s expense. Parking at Las Positas College is by permit only.

Parking Permits

Parking at LPC is by permit only. Parking regulations are enforced the first day of instruction each term. Semester parking permits must be ordered online and can be paid for online or by cash payment at the Campus Safety Office (Building 1700). The cost of semester parking is $45 for spring or fall semester and $20 for summer. Semester parking permits are now digital and registered to your license plate. You will not receive a physical permit. Head-in only parking (no backing in or driving through). Daily parking permits can be purchased from the Parking Permit machines located in all parking lots. Daily parking permits are $3.00 per day and valid for the day of purchase only. Take notice that certain parking spaces are reserved for College employees and College vehicles. These parking spots are clearly marked in front of the parking stall. Vehicles parked in a staff or other reserved space without the proper permit will be cited.

Visitor Parking

A 30-minute visitor parking zone is provided at the entrance of the College. Long-term visitor parking is available in each student lot when a daily parking permit is purchased. Daily parking permits are $3.00 per day and valid for the day of purchase only. Please note that daily parking permits are digital. You will not receive a physical parking permit.

Pets on Campus

No pets are allowed on campus. This restriction also applies to animals and/or pets confined to any vehicle parked within the college boundaries. This does not apply to the use of a guide dog, signal dog, or service dog specially trained for assisting a person with a disability.

Safety Escort Services

The Office of Campus Safety and Security offers escorts to the campus community to and from the parking lots. Call to arrange to have an escort accompany you from your classroom or office to your vehicle by dialing (925) 424-1690 or from any College telephone by dialing extension 1690, by dialing *16 from any campus pay telephone, or by activating a nearby emergency call box.

Sex Offender Registry

California law requires sex offenders who are employed, volunteer, are a resident of, or enrolled as a student at an institution of higher education, to register with the Livermore Police Department located at 1110 South Livermore Avenue Livermore, CA 94550. To search the database of registered sex offenders in California by name or geography, check the Megan’s Law website at or information concerning registered sex offenders can be obtained from the Livermore Police Department.

Smoking On Campus

Smoking is allowed within designated smoking areas, parking lots only. Smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of a main exit, entrance, or operable window of any campus or District building; inside any indoor area of any campus or District building; and inside any District-owned or leased vehicle; in any enclosed place of employment on campus, including lobbies, lounges, waiting areas, stairwells, and restrooms that are a structural part of any building that is a place of employment. This applies to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, electronic cigarettes, and other imitation smoking devices.

Statement for Non-Sworn Officers

The Chabot-Las Positas Community College District employs security officers with training specific to campus security.

Statement of Enforcement Authority

The campus safety officer meets the legal definition of a security officer because of appointment pursuant to the California Education Code, Section 70902. The campus safety officer is not a peace officer, but Sections 626 and 627 of the California Penal Code provide special authority for school security officers to make an arrest if the perpetrator fails to leave the College grounds after being directed to do so. In addition to this authority, campus safety officers can arrest for any misdemeanor or felony committed within their presence, but must use Section 837 of the California Penal Code – arrest by a private person – to accomplish the arrest. Campus safety officers derive additional authority from Section 21113(a) of the California Vehicle Code. This section covers parking on school property. Officers can issue citations for violations of District Parking Regulations using this section.

Timely Warning

In an effort to provide timely notice to the campus community in the event of a Clery Act crime that may pose a serious or on-going threat to members of the community, Las Positas College Office of Campus Safety and Security will issue out a “Timely Warning”. The Office of Campus Safety and Security will generally issue these warnings for the following crimes: criminal homicide; sexual assaults; robbery; aggravated assault; arson; burglary; and hate crimes. The Office of Campus Safety and Security will post these warnings through a variety of ways including, but not limited to, e-mail messages, posters or bulletins, and class discussions. The purpose of these warnings is to notify the campus community of the incident and to provide information that may enable community members to protect themselves from similar incidents. The Office of Campus Safety will issue these warnings whenever the following criteria are met:

  1. A crime is committed;
  2. The perpetrator has not been apprehended; and
  3. There is a substantial and ongoing risk to the physical safety of other members of the campus community because of this crime.

Such crimes include, but are not limited to: Clery Act crimes that are reported to any campus security authority or the local police; or when the college determines that the incident represents an on-going threat to the campus community. Additionally, the Office of Campus Safety and Security may, in some circumstances, issue warnings when there is a pattern of crimes against persons or property. The Campus Safety Supervisor or designee will generally make the determination, in consultation with the President, if a warning is required. However, in emergency situations, any Campus Safety Officer may authorize a Clery Timely Warning. For incidents involving off-campus crimes, the college may issue a Crime Advisory if the crime occurred in a location used and frequented by the college population. Clery Timely Warnings are sent out to the campus community via the Everbridge system. If you have an official Las Positas College e-mail address, you are automatically enrolled in the crime alert notification system. These messages are a very effective way to share important information with the campus community about safety.

Title IX

Title IX of the Educational Amendments of 1972 is an all-encompassing federal law that prohibits discrimination based on the gender of students and employees of educational institutions that receive federal financial assistance. Under Title IX, discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual harassment, rape, and sexual assault. A college or university receiving federal financial assistance may be held legally responsible when it knows about and ignores sexual harassment or assault in its programs or activities. Colleges and universities may be held responsible in court whether the harassment is committed by a College employee or student. Title IX related concerns and complaints of possible violations of Title IX should be reported to the Vice President of Student Services or designee.

Weapons Policy

Weapons are prohibited on College property and all College-sponsored functions, including firearms, knives, explosives, other dangerous chemicals or objects, and facsimile firearms, knives or explosives, Except for sworn law enforcement officials, it is a felony to bring or possess any firearm on any California school campus per California Penal Code, Section 626.9. It is also a felony to possess any air gun, including pellet and BB guns that utilizes air, CO2, or spring pressure to propel a metallic projectile; knives with a blade length of over 2.5 inches, dirks, daggers, and ice picks are also illegal per California Penal Code, Section 626.10. Any person may be arrested, expelled, suspended, placed on probation or given a lesser sanction for good cause and in accordance with College procedures consistent with due process for violations of the weapons policy.

Crime Statistics/Clery Act Disclosure/Annual Security Report (ASR)

The Office of Campus Safety and Security prepares a report to comply with the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Policy and Crime Statistics Act. Crime statistics may be found online at The full text of this report may be found online at The report is prepared in cooperation with the local law enforcement agencies. Campus crime, arrest, and referral statistics include those reported to the Office of Campus Safety and Security, designated campus officials including, but not limited to, administrators, faculty, classified professionals, advisors to students and student organizations, athletic coaches, and local law enforcement agencies.