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Our Mission

Las Positas College is an inclusive, learning-centered, equity-focused environment that offers educational opportunities and support for completion of students' transfer, degree, and career-technical goals while promoting lifelong learning.

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Fees and Tuition

California Residents – Enrollment Fee

California residents, except those exempt by law, will be charged an enrollment fee of $46 per unit for classes at LPC. Updates to fee information will be made available at or by contacting the Admissions & Records Office.

Nonresident Tuition

Nonresidents of California are required to pay a tuition fee of $360 per unit in addition to the $46 enrollment fee and other college fees.

Exemption from Nonresident Tuition

For a list of exemptions, please see the Residency information in the Admissions and Records section of this catalog.

International Student Tuition

International students, nonimmigrant aliens and students on other types of visas must pay $360 per unit [Effective Spring '23 - Summer '24] in addition to the $46 enrollment fee and other college fees. International students (F1, M1 visas) must enroll in and maintain 12 units minimum per semester.

Fees are Subject to Change

The California State Legislature regulates enrollment fees. LPC reserves the right to collect enrollment fee increases approved by the CA State Legislature from all students, including those who have paid fees prior to new rate implementation. Fees are subject to change. We will make every attempt to notify students of fee changes in advance.

Payment of Fees

Student enrollment each term is conditional upon full payment of fees and tuition. If fees are not paid, classes will be dropped according to the “Drop for Non-Payment” deadline dates listed in the class schedule and on the Las Positas College website.

In Case of Non-Payment

College financial obligations may result in the withholding of grades, diplomas, verification, or course registration privileges from any student who has been provided with written notice that they did not pay a financial obligation due to the College. Any item withheld shall be released when the student pays the financial obligation in full.

Collection Policy

Chabot-Las Positas Community College District may refer a student’s outstanding debt to a collection agency and/or the State of California Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for collection. Once referred, additional fees may apply and the student’s credit rating may be affected. If debt is referred to FTB, amount owed may be deducted from a student’s state tax refund, California lottery prize, or unclaimed property.

Student Health Fee

Las Positas College provides health services through the Student Health and Wellness Center. All enrolled students are charged a mandatory Student Health Fee of $21.00 per semester and $18.00 in summer. Exemptions from paying this fee are granted as follows:

  1. Students who depend exclusively upon prayer for healing in accordance with the teachings of a bonafide religious sect, denomination, or religion.
  2. Students who are attending Las Positas College under an approved apprenticeship training program.
  3. Students taking classes held only on Saturday, at an off-campus site, or exclusively online.

To qualify for exemption, students must provide written documentation to the Dean of Enrollment Services.

Student Activities Fee

Las Positas College General Information Catalog 2022-2023 A Student Activities Fee of $10.00 will be assessed of each student each semester (excluding Summer), unless a student opts out [paperwork is required; contact Student Life]. Students paying this fee receive an activity sticker that provides discounts on student activities and sports events. The fee helps finance student activities, clubs, student spaces, other student-related services, and scholarships.

Student Representation Fee

A fee of $2.00 will be assessed of all students each semester. This fee is used for purposes related to representing students’ views with governmental bodies (via LPC Student Government).

Parking Permit Fees

Please note that parking at LPC is by permit only. Parking regulations are enforced beginning on the first day of instruction of each term. Semester parking permits are now digitial, registered to your license plate, and must be ordered online. Parking permits can be paid for either online or by cash payment in the Campus Security Office (Building 1700). 

Daily Permit: $3.00

Car: $45.00 (Spring & Fall), $20.00 (Summer)

Motorcycle: $25.00 (Spring & Fall), $7.00 (Summer)

A reduced-rate parking fee of $30.00 is available for CA College Promise Grant (formerly Board of Governors Fee Waiver) students.

Parking fees are subject to change.

Transportation Fee

With the passage of the Student Mobility Initiative in November 2017, all students are charged a mandatory transportation fee of $9.00 (enrolled in 6+ units), or $8.00 (enrolled in less than 6 units) per semester [excluding summer term]. As a result, students are able to ride Wheels buses for free when they show a valid LPC student identification card. Please view for more information.

Print Cards

A Print card is required to print from LPC computers. Print cards may be purchased from vending machines in the Library or the Computer Center in Building 2100, Room 21206; and you can add to their value. Discount, high-volume Print cards are available from the LPC Bookstore.

Payment Methods

Students have the option of paying fees by the following methods: (1) Credit card at the time of online registration; (2) Check by mail (no cash); (3) Payment in-person to Admissions & Records; or (4) NelNet Payment Plan (See CLASS-Web; Admissions & Records).

Enrollment Fee Refund

Students may request a refund of enrollment fees as long as the student withdraws from classes during the first two weeks of class for a regular term class, or by the 10% point of the length of a short-term class. Refunds are not automatic. Requests for refunds must be submitted by June 30 of the academic year that just ended. 

A student who must withdraw for military purpose shall be refunded 100% fees paid, regardless of withdrawal date. In this case, requests for refunds made after the end of the academic year will be honored.

To apply for an enrollment fee refund, students must submit a Request for Refund form to Admissions & Records. No refunds are given to students who withdraw from classes after the No-Grade-of-Record (NGR) deadline. For deadlines, see the Academic Calendar.

A $10.00 processing fee will be subtracted from each enrollment fee refund with the exception of classes canceled by the College. The student representation fee, student health fee, and student activities fee are not refundable. Refund checks will be sent by U.S. mail approximately six weeks after the NGR deadline.

Nonresident Tuition Refunds

Refunds of nonresident tuition by reason of program reductions or withdrawal from the College will be made in accordance with the schedule indicated below:

  1. Withdrawal prior to the first day of instruction in a regular semester, term, or session: 90% Refund.
  2. Withdrawal during the first week of instruction for a regular semester, term, or session: 75% Refund
  3. Withdrawal after first week of instruction for a regular semester, term, or session: No Refund.

For further information regarding tuition charges and refunds, consult the current class schedule.

Tax Benefits for Education

Information about Tax Benefits for Education including the American Opportunity and Lifetime Learning Tax Credits and guidance for tax treatment of educational expenses, financial aid, and scholarships, is available via the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) at or U.S. Department of Education at Students will receive from the Chabot-Las Positas Community College District (CLPCCD) a 1098T form noting all fees billed and scholarships, fee waivers, and financial aid provided for the applicable tax year. This form may also be downloaded from CLASS-Web.