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Las Positas College statements on hate speech and freedom of expression Read more.

Our Mission

Las Positas College is an inclusive, learning-centered, equity-focused environment that offers educational opportunities and support for completion of students' transfer, degree, and career-technical goals while promoting lifelong learning.

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Department Offices

Department Offices
Department Phone Number
Academic Services 925.424.1104
Administrative Services 925.424.1631
Admissions & Records 925.424.1500
Assessment Center 925.424.1475
Black Cultural Resource Center 925.424.1085
Bookstore 925.424.1812
CalWORKs 925.424.1459
Campus Safety & Security 925.424.1690
Community Education 925.424.1467
Counseling 925.424.1400
Disabled Student Programs & Services (DSPS) 925.424.1510
Dream Center (DC) 925.424.1052 
Extended Opportunity Programs & Services (EOPS) 925.424.1598
Fax (No Charge) 925.443.0742
Financial Aid 925.424.1580
Foundation 925.424.1010
General Information 925.424.1600
International Student Program 925.424.1540
Library (LRC) 925.424.1150
Office of the President 925.424.1001
Student Government 925.424.1490
Student Health & Wellness Center 925.424.1830
Student Services 925.424.1406
Tutorial Center 925.424.1450
Veterans Program 925.424.1570

Division Offices

Division Offices
Division Phone Number
Arts & Humanities (A&H) 925.424.1383
Business, Social Science, Learning Resources (BSSL) 925.424.1322
Public Safety, Advanced Manufacturing, Transportation, Health, and Kinesiology (PATH) 925.424.1274
Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM)  925.424.1183