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Student Clubs

Club Training


Before Clubs can receive funds, Club Officers must demonstrate knowledge of the LPC Club Procedures by reading the on-line LPC Club Procedures and then completing the on-line LPC Club Procedure Training Verification. This Training Verification is MANDATORY for either the Club President or Club Treasurer (we highly recommend both the President and Treasurer complete the training). Further, any and all Club officers and Club members are encouraged to complete the training. Club Presidents or Club Treasurers must receive a score of 70% accuracy or above in order to receive semester funds. If a score less than 70% is received, additional mandatory training must be scheduled with the Student Life Assistant and/or ICC Chair before Clubs can receive funds.

Club members should be aware of all Club Deadlines and all Club Procedures prior to beginning the LPC Club Procedure Training Verification.


Click Here to Review LPC Club Procedures Before You Take the Training Verification


Click Here for the Quick Reference Guide


Test Your Knowledge of Club Procedures by Completing the

LPC Club Procedure Training Verification


(It is highly recommended that you read and understand the

LPC Club Procedures prior to attempting to complete the

Training Verification.)




Student Clubs

Scott Miner
Director of Student Life

Sheri Moore
Student Life Assistant

CJ Singh
ICC Chair


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Page last modified: August 29, 2013