Photographs & Video Taping


The College will have Grad Images take pictures of the graduates. It is strongly requested that family members take pictures or video tape from their designated seat or wait until after the ceremony to take on or in front of the stage or on the "red carpet" in front of the Gym.

GradImages asks graduates to check out their website at and click on "Pre-Event Email Registration." Enter your email and up to 6 emails of loved ones who would like to share in your accomplishment by viewing and ordering your photos. By submitting your information prior to graduation you get $5.00 off on orders of $25.00 or more.

Photo proofs have been sent to either your email or home address (whatever you listed on your announcer card prior to the ceremony). Should you have any questions, please contact GradImages directly: Customer Service Department at (800) 261-2576, online at, or email

The Las Positas College Commencement Ceremony is a public event. As such, participating in or attending these proceedings gives permission to Las Positas College or any media to take and use your photograph for publicity, marketing, or news purposes.









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Page last modified: June 10, 2016