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Early Admission Program

Procedures for High School Seniors

Summer/Fall 2014


(Before you begin, click here to download a PDF file with step-by-step instructions on completing the online application.)


Step 1: Submit an Early Admission Application online

Apply online beginning FEB 3, 2014. Please read and complete the application carefully to ensure you are part of Early Admission. The deadline to apply is FEB 28, 2014.

Paper applications are also available to download from our website at Admissions Forms - these must be received by the college by Feb 28, 2014 in order to meet the deadline.

NOTE: Students who apply after FEB 28 will need to follow the regular new student enrollment process.

Step 2: Receive a Confirmation Email with your Student ID number

You should receive an additional email shortly confirming receipt of your application submission. This email will include your Student ID Number ("W" followed by 8 digits - e.g. W12345678).  Another option to get your W Number is to access your online student account on CLASS-Web: <> by entering your SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER for your USER ID, and your BIRTHDATE for your PIN (e.g. 120190 for Dec 1, 1990). Then click on "What is my W#?" to view your LPC Student ID Number. Be sure to write it down as you will need it for the following steps.

Step 3: Complete New Student Online Orientation

The Online Orientation <click here> provides important information for new students about academic programs, class registration procedures, available student support services, and the assessment process. Important: You must login with your "W" number (student ID number) and pass the final quiz to receive credit for this orientation.

(Step 3 must be completed by Mar 22, 2014)

Step 4: Complete English/Math Assessments

Information concerning assessment dates and instructions for scheduling a testing session appointment for the required Math and English assessment will be provided in your acceptance letter, which will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment. If you have completed Steps 2 & 3 but have not yet received your acceptance letter, you may click this link to take you to the Early Admission Assessment webpage.

(Step 4 must be completed by Mar 22, 2014)

Step 5: Complete assignments prior to Group Program Planning Session

Go online to "Early Admission 2014 Assignments" <click here> for important information and assignments to complete prior to your group program planning session.

Step 6: Attend an Early Admission Group Program Planning Session

At the end of your Math/English assessment session, you will sign up for EA Group Program Planning. Here you will meet with a counselor in a small group setting to develop an abbreviated student education plan (for at least one semester).

(Step 6 must be completed by TBA) 

Step 7: Register for Classes  

You may register for classes from home, online via CLASS-Web starting at 7:00am on May 3, 2014* (This date is tentative - please check back frequently for the final Early Admission registration date).

All students MUST complete all the above steps to be a part of the Early Admissions Program.

o   Step 1:  by 2/28/2014

o   Step 3:  by 3/22/2014

o   Step 4:  by 3/22/2014

o   Step 6:  by (TBA)

Step 8: Pay Fees  

Be sure to pay your fees by the posted deadlines to avoid being dropped from your classes by our system.


Early Admission Program

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Page last modified: July 14, 2014