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Academic/Progress Probation Workshops

These workshops are designed for students who are on academic or progress probation I or II. Students on probation will have a hold placed on their account and s/he will not be able to add/drop classes until the student meets with a counselor to complete the Probation Clearance form. The student will receive a letter stating that s/he must attend a “Probation Workshop.” At this workshop, the students will meet with a counselor and discuss a strategy for getting back in good standing. The student will complete the Probation Clearance form at this workshop.

If you have already received a letter stating that you are required to attend a Probation Workshop, or you have an academic or progress probation hold on your account, then you must sign-up for a workshop! To sign-up for a Probation Workshop, simply stop by the Counseling Center (1st floor, bldg. 1600) to register or call the Counseling Center at 424-1400.

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