Counseling and various counselors at LPC.

Counseling Staff and Faculty

Kimberly BurksVACANT
Dean, Student Services
Phone: 925.424.1412
Office: 1616 Q

Ginger RipplingerGinger Ripplinger
Administrative Assistant to the Dean, Student Services
Phone: 925.424.1421
Email Ginger Ripplinger
Office: 1616 P

Celestine Rowe

Celeste Rowe
Counseling Assistant
Phone: 925.424.1478
Email Celeste Rowe
Office: 1616 Front Office

Kimberly BurksCindy Robinson
Counseling Assistant
Phone: 925.424.1416
Email Cindy Robinson
Office: 1616 Front Office

Full Time Counseling Staff

Kimberly BurksKimberly Burks
Phone: 925.424.1437
Email Kimberly Burks

Gabriela DiscuaGabriela Discua
Phone: 925.424.1486
Email Gabriela Discua
Office: 1616 N

Joel GagnonJoel Gagnon
Phone: 925.424.1439
Email Joel Gagnon
Office: 1616 T

Heike GecoxHeike Gecox
Phone: 925.424.1436
Email Heike Gecox
Office: 1616 J

Kimberly BurksKent Gomez
Phone: 925.424.1485
Email Kent Gomez

Kimberly BurksJared Howard
Phone: 925.424.1473
Email Jared Howard

Christina LeeChristina Lee
Phone: 925.424.1484
Email Christina Lee
Office: 1616 S

Marina LiraMarina Lira
Phone: 925.424.1400
Email Marina Lira
Office: 1616 B

Michael SchwarzMichael Schwarz
Counselor/ Transfer Center Coordinator
Phone: 925.424.1428
Email Michael Schwarz
Office: 1616 K

Rafael ValleRafael Valle
Phone: 925.424.1483
Email Rafael Valle
Office: 1616 M

Angella VenJohnAngella VenJohn
Phone: 925.424.1476
Email Angella VenJohn
Office: 1616 R

Michelle Zapata

Michelle Zapata
Phone: 925.424.1487
Email Michelle Zapata
Office: 1616F

Part time Counselors

Stephanie FoleyPriyanka Dinesh
Adjunct Counselor
Email Priyanka Dinesh
Stephanie FoleyEric Handy
Adjunct Counselor
Email Eric Handy
Susan HirakiSusan Hiraki
Adjunct Counselor
Email: Susan Hiraki
Sharon HopeSharon Hope
Adjunct Counselor
Email: Sharon Hope

Stephanie FoleyChelsea Kubischta
Adjunct Counselor
Email Chelsea Kubischta

Stephanie FoleyMarcelo Sanchez Heredia
Adjunct Counselor
Email Marcelo Sanchez Heredia

Counseling Office

Building 1600
First Floor
Room 1616

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Page last modified: May 02, 2017