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Equity Point Person Pilot (2010-2011)


EPP Evaluation Spring 2011

One of the goals of the Campus Change Network has been to institutionalize equity and inclusion efforts and ensure that our decisions as well as processes are equitable.  This work does not happen in one office or one committee; it’s the responsibility of everyone to further this work in the many forms it takes.  Decision making, resource allocation and determination of policies and processes are embedded in our Committees. Committees should make a conscious effort to ensure that the decisions it makes and processes it uses do not have a negative impact on equity and inclusion.

In Spring 2010 the CCN worked with the College Council and several representatives to select pilot committees for the “Equity Point Person". Each pilot committee appointed and Equity Point Person out of it's existing membership for the 2010-2011 academic year. This appointment will be a pilot project for the Fall 2010-Spring 2011 academic year, with evaluation occurring Spring/Summer 2011.

Rather than “policing” committee decisions and discussions this person’s role would be to provide committees with an opportunity to consider decisions and processes through an inclusion lens. This person would help the committee reflect at each meeting:

1) Are there any equity/access issues impacted by the decisions we have made?,

2) Has the meeting/process been equitable for all committee members/constituencies,

3) Are there issues we would like assistance with/from the CCN?


The pilot committees and EPP are listed below.

Planning and Budget, Cindy Rosefield

Facilities, Ron Johansen

Administrators Council, Bob Kratochvil


If you have any questions about the EPPP please direct them to the project coordinator: Amber Machamer,, (925) 424-1027



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