Humanities is an interdisciplinary academic field which encourages its scholar/practitioners to interpret the world and their active role in it through a philosophical, creative and artistic immersion in a number of different but overlapping and connected fields of study. Work in the Humanities also suggests a practical professional methodology combining hermeneutics and a "dialogue-reflection-action change" process that allows students to create new or expanded world-view paradigms resulting in personal and systemic growth and change.


Degree: AA - Humanities (General)

Freshman Year

Courses Units
Humanities 1 (Philosophy, The Sciences, Epic Poetry 3
Humanities 3 (Film, Drama, Music, Visual Arts, Lyric Poetry) 3
Anthropology 5 (Cultures of the U.S. in Global Perspective) 3
Philosophy 4 (Introduction to Philosophy: Theory of Knowledge) 3
Humanities 10 (The American Style) 3
Religious Studies 1 (Religions of the World) 3
Art 4 (Art History: Ancient) 3
General Education Courses  

Sophomore Year

Courses Units
Humanities 28 (The Classic Myths) 3
Humanities 35 (Greek Tragedy) 3
Philosophy 2 (Introduction to Philosophy: Ethics) 3
History 1 (History of Western Civilization to 1600) 3
History 2 (History of Western Civilization since 1600) 3
Art 5 (Art History: Renaissance to Modern) 3
General Education Courses  
Total units required 60



This degree prepares those interested in Interdisciplinary Studies, Humanities or Classical Studies/Philosophy majors for successful transfer to four-year institutions. Some variation in requirements may exist at a particular four-year transfer institution; therefore, it is essential that students refer to the catalog of the prospective transfer institution and consult a counselor. General Education courses should be carefully selected to meet the requirements of the intended transfer institution; some transfer institutions require more General Education units than required by this AA degree.

See also: Philosophy, Religious Studies


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